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Computer Donation Program

Do you or your company have old computers (working or not), monitors, printers, flash drives, parts, or other equipment that you don't need any more? We refurbish old computer equipment for M-A students who do not have access to a computer at home.

Since the program started in 1999, the M-A High PTA has supplied over 8,000 computers to deserving students at our local public high schools, plus six carts - each with 38 laptop computers - to the Science Department, about 100 computers for classroom mini-labs, dozens of network laser printers to replace ancient classroom inkjet printers, networking equipment, digital cameras for students in the Digital Photography class, and thousands of USB flash drives for students to save their files to print at school. 

In addition, we provide free software, and usually can provide students with low-cost access to the internet, or free internet through a neighbor's Wifi.  Families whose children receive free or reduced-price lunch at school can sign up for Comcast Essentials internet for $10 per month.  More information about this program is available here.  $10 per month internet is also available from ATT for families who receive SSI or have a disabled adult in the house, even if they have no school-age children. 

We securely erase all information from the hard drives before loading new software and distributing them.  Donations are tax-deductible and we provide receipts.

We are always looking for these items:

  • • Computers, laptops, tablets, netbooks and Chromebooks, working or not
    • Projectors to display computer output on a large screen
    • Working flat-panel computer monitors
    • Working cell phones and cell phone chargers
    • Computer parts:  especially memory, flash drives, and hard drives
    • Carts to hold quantities of laptop computers or tablets
    • USB flash drives
    • Tax-deductible donations by check to pay for purchased parts such as flash memory drives and wireless network adapters
    • Mice and keyboards with rectangular plugs
    • Hewlett-Packard and Brother laser printers and toner cartridges for our classrooms
    • Networking equipment - switches, routers, wireless network adapters, cables, etc.
    • Digital cameras and camera memory cards for students in our Digital Photography class
    • Laptop power adapters and cords
    • Legal copies of software:  Microsoft Office, Windows 10, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, DreamWeaver, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
    • Toner cartridges for HP LaserJet printers and Brother laser printers
    • Many other miscellaneous items - please email or call and ask if you have other equipment or software to donate.

We can provide a tax-deductible receipt for anything you donate.  If you need to donate items that we cannot accept (such as ancient computers, inkjet printers, or old-fashioned CRT monitors), you can dispose of them at most Staples office supply store locations, including the one on El Camino Real in Menlo Park. 

If you have one item (or a truckload!) to donate, please contact Sue Kayton at 650-853-1711 or computerdonations@mabearspta.org. To request donation of a computer, or computer repair, please have your teacher contact Sue via email.

Thank you to our many corporate donors for helping bridge the digital divide.


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