Insect and Spider identification links

The site has a zillion photos of insects and spiders from all over the world.  Scroll down the left column to find the category that fits your unknown critter.  If you can't find it there, try one of the links below.

iSpotNature (comprehensive site based in the UK)
Alabama Caterpillars
Amazilla inverterbrates photos
Bed Bugs
Bees and Wasps
Beetles in So. Cal.
Biting Flies
Biting Insects
Bug Eric (USA and Mexico)
Bug Guide
Caterpillar ID 2
Caterpillar ID 3
Caterpillar and moth ID 4
Caterpillars in Alabama Trees
Caterpillars of Louisiana
Cockroach facts
Common Canadian insects
Cornell insects
Critter ridders photo ID
Garden insects
Head lice
Household pests
Insect ID
Insect Morphology
Insectclopedia (pests and harmful insects)
Insects around your home  - thank you to Girl Scout brownie troop #1206 from San Jose, CA for finding this site!
Iowa insects and mites
Mites that Bite
New World beetles
North Carolina insects
Pantry ptests
Pest photos
target="new"Pest specimens
Sphinx and hormworm
Spider photos
Spider site links
Stop scratching
Texas A&M Insects
Texas Bugs
Wasp identification
Water bugs
What's That Bug
Wood destroying pests

Want to learn more about entymology (the study of insects)?  Check out this excellent site.