PowerPoint presentations

Backup and Recovery (also please read my more detailed white paper on this subject)

Making Windows 10 Work For Me (talk for Little House senior center)

The Internet is Everywhere - how the internet can help seniors - July 2018 for Avenidas

The Internet is Everywhere (older version) January 2018 for SPAUG and May 2018 for Redwood City computer club

Next generation smart TV (November 2017)

Upgrading to Windows 10 (also please read my more detailed white paper on upgrading)

Security and Privacy (for SPAUG Nov 2016)

Windows 10 version 1903 (for SPAUG May 2019)

Keeping Your Computer Clean (includes virus and password protection)

Trends in Computing (computing without a computer and the move to mobile)

Operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 10 and beyond, Mac, Linux, Chrome)

Useful free software

Introduction to Computers (in Spanish, aimed at high school students)

Introduction to Computers (in English, aimed at retirees and seniors)

Talk for IBM Club of San Jose

Talk for Computer Academy high school students

You may also want to read my white paper on keeping your computer hardware healthy.

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